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Work permit, residency, application requirements

Visa Procedure (General)

This section contains basic information on the main procedures relating to Japanese resident visas. A resident visa refers to all types of visas allowing residency in Japan (including work visas, student visas, visas based on relationship with others such as spouse visas or dependent visas, permanent residency etc.), based on which non-Japanese nationals may base their lives in Japan and engage in their respective permitted activities (such as work, study, etc.). In the Japan Visa Page, the term “resident visa” will be used to refer to all types of visas excluding temporary visitor visas (tourist visas, temporary business visas for short business meetings/negotiations, etc.).

This section also covers various forms of business bases in Japan that serve as sponsoring entities for work visas, including the branch office, Japanese company, subsidiary, representative office, etc.

For newcomers to Japan

Find out information on the basic procedures, timeline and requirements for obtaining a work visa, spouse visa, student visa or other resident visa for those who are not yet based in Japan but wish to be/plan to be in the near future. This information will apply to such visa subjects who are currently abroad or in Japan under a temporary visitor visa, overseas businesses seeking to enter the Japanese market and/or send personnel to Japan, employers in Japan seeking to employ a candidate who is not yet based in Japan, and residents of Japan who are seeking to invite close family members to live in Japan.

For residents who are already based in Japan

Residents in Japan will also need to go through periodic visa procedures during their stay in Japan, such as visa extension/renewal, changing visa types due to change of activities, applying for permanent residency, etc. Find out more on when you need to change your visa type, when you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency and how to start your own business. Also includes information for necessary procedures when having children, and general immigration-related obligations (and options) when changing jobs or going through changes in marital status, etc.

Visa consulting, visa structuring and application services

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