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Job Change

Changing jobs and changing visa categories

This section contains basic information on the implications of a job change on your current visa status, and the requirements, timeline and procedures for changing visa types if necessary.

Cases where there is no change to work category

The standard work visas are actually not tied to a specific employer, but rather to a specific work category. Therefore, generally when one changes jobs  with a significant amount of time left on his/her current work visa, it is not necessary to go through a chunky visa procedure at the time of job change. However, please note that due to the introduction of a notification system from July 2012, the majority of work visa holders are now required to submit a notification to Immigration to give notice of changes in company address, roles or changes in employer.

Generally, work visa holders have an obligation to notify the Immigration Office within 14 days of a job changing event (e.g. leaving a job, starting a new job, etc.). The Immigration Office has the right to cancel a work visa in cases where the visa holder is not engaging in the corresponding work for 3 months or longer without legitimate reason.


The above statement:

“Therefore, generally when one changes jobs  with a significant amount of time left on his/her current work visa, it is not necessary to go through a large visa procedure at the time of job change.”

does not apply in the following cases.

  • -  For holders of a highly skilled foreign professional visa (Type 1, standard type of HSFP for first-time holders of this visa), as this special visa is tied to a specific visa sponsor. Therefore, once its holder changes jobs, he/she must go through a visa application, to change visas to a standard working visa or to another HSFP visa at the new organization provided that he she fulfills the 70 point requirement at the new organization also.
  • - Intra company transferee visa – this is a work visa granted to transferees within a corporate group, relocating from an overseas office to the Japanese office. As this is a visa granted based on the relationship between the entities from which and to which the applicant is seconded or transferred, a job change to a company outside of the corporate group generally means that the applicant must change visas (even if the work is in the same / related field).

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