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Spouse / Child of Work Visa Holder – The Dependent Visa

The “dependent visa” is the visa category which will apply to spouses and children of work visa holders (excluding spouses who work full-time in Japan, in which case the respective work visa category should be considered). When referring to visas for the spouses of work visa holders, the term “spouse visa” is often mistakenly used, but the Immigration law specifies different visa categories depending on the nationality of the applicant’s spouse – when the applicant is married to a Japanese national the “spouse of Japanese national visa (Spouse Visa)” applies, and when the applicant is married to a non-Japanese national the “dependent” visa applies (subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions). Although both visas are based on marriage, the two visas are very different.

Please see our “dependent visa” page for more details on the dependent visa.

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